Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Freedom Writers

I have graduated last year with the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Literature. I know how it is to be teacher. I was a student teacher before in Highschool when my Values Education teacher had a trip. My students were so engrossed with their experience with a student teacher that they almost forgot about their real teacher(no joke!).

So, I had a share of what it is to be a teacher. I take record of their daily attendance and gave them assignments and required reporting. I never knew then what I was doing not until I received a letter from a student who said that I changed their lives. I was awestruck that I dont know what to say. I even forgot to say thank you for the compliment or is that a compliment since I am not sure as to what change transpired. And so I required a journal. this I believe will testify for the change they so claimed.

Memories of this event returned when our teacher showed us the film "The Freedom Writers". The sory of how a single teacher ingrained with her students the need to pursue greatness not just for personal benefit and satisfaction but also to affect others lives.

I have been encouraged to somehow evaluate my call and how to even pursue greatness, not to gain mans respect but to give God the highest praise.

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