Monday, August 22, 2011

Counseling 101

The truth is, this is not the title of our subject.But I find it appropriate since our learning is really basic. Not because we have a simple teacher, but because we have someone who understands. Her idea of making everyone feel so important means so much to all of us.

While it is supposedly a class, it turned out to be an experience of a lifetime. If a student missed the subject, that student should do everything, even move heaven and earth just to take the subject.

We rarely enjoy a subject as a class. No, its not that were uninterested with our other subjects, its just that this subject brings out something in us, while our teacher openly shares anything about everything.

Counseling as she said should not be making the counselor a messiah. Rather, it should be that the client as the problem solver. I am so thankful to know this, since I always decide for the client. Whenever one asks for counselling I tend to suggest and give my personal opinion. Through this subject I understood that its not about me, its all about the client.

Heavy burden are said to be tiresome just like in counseling, when a counselor  learns that the client is in a very impossible situation it requires great strength. With our teacher, we learned that strength should come from its source, God. While it is still not easy, a counselor learning of God's power is now ready for any seemingly impossible mission.

Our teacher also instructed us not to be attached with the client or else we will never be effective. Personal attachment is a ground for one not to be a client. Your observation may be bias thus making the situation not acceptable for both the client and the counselor.

I don't have holes onto my blouse. Funny, no. Our teacher is telling us that she doesn't have honors from her scholastic years. She was not presented with medals or even pins, to have its mark on her shirt. She shares her inadequacies not for us to reproach her, but that we may know that life is not all about achievements as recognized by the world. She always claim her Father's love. God whom she considers as her Dad, is so clear  to her that she doesn't run after the worlds approval.

We are thankful she is our teacher. And forever she will be part of our praise to her Father, The Almighty.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LRT forever!

I have been riding the LRT since the beginning of the training. It is the most convenient mode of transportation to reach Makati. From our place, a tricycle ride to the 5th Ave. station costs P10, and P15 for the train ride to Gil Puyat station which is in Buendia. And you're free from heavy traffic and all possible inconveniences one can experience riding a PUJ.

Yesterday, I left our house at around 4:00 p.m.hoping to reach ACM early. I was about to be checked by the guard on duty, when a train going to Baclaran came. I have my stored value ticket ready so as to give the guard the idea of my desire to get on the train. He inspected my bag and even the small pockets with zipper, and the train left the station without me.

Some security guards at LRT stations tend to require respect in an unworthy manner. They impose discipline with their excuse "ginagawa lang po namin, ang trabaho namin."

But how can you explain the inconvenience one receives at the point when all you want to do is to get on the train. I was in a mall Bangkok, when I opened my bag as I was accustomed, because here in the Philippines,  every building you enter even the dilapidated ones requires inspection, otherwise you will be refused of entry. The security personnel looked amazed as to why did I opened my bag and showing it to him, I then realized I was in another country.

Its funny to note that its only here that a company hires a security personnel yet we have the highest death toll for journalist. We were even tagged as the most dangerous place for journalist, and we have our security personnel or do we really have them or even need them?

I was 29 when I dreamed to be a security personnel. Its because I want to make sure I could keep an eye on someone. Its not the job that I want, its the position. Now, how many security personnel are doing their job because they like it and are trained to do it, how about those who are power tripping and somehow pulling the trigger and would want you to decide if you will give up on riding the LRT.

I'm sorry Sirs, but with the convenience I have with the train, no matter what meticulous, ridiculous and seemingly harassing are your styles, it wont stop me from riding the train. Well, that's as long as the fare doesn't reach P50.       

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