Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have been a sunday school teacher since I was 14. And I can still remember the joy and heartaches it brought me. But I always enjoy it when I am to tell stories. Pictures, toys  and anything that could relate with my story will be part of every sunday story. I love it when kids would be so excited that their parents would come to me and say that their kids share with them what they did at their sunday school class, for me that is fulfillment.

But this Bible storying is different from what I have learned and taught. Story telling is just the reading of the story with additions by me, which means I say words not said in the Bible, and actions which is but the product of my own imagination. Storying is not even part of the dictionary used with google that it is underlined with red.

Storying is when one carefully reads the Bible and have a mental imprint of its truth which at the given time to share the story, not just with all the emotions, but in all truth. Then goes the part when one processes what is heard through questions which have been carefully thought of.

We had a very good couple who had the experience of teaching and training for sometime now. they have been a blessing to us, especially with the idea of telling people story's that impact lives.

I also learned a lot from this website

Happy storying!

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