Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leadership Theology

Nehemiah is a good leader, he is one who walk his talk. A visionary since the beginning of the book. His knowledge of who God is, is I think the main contributor to his being courageous even with the visible threat. He is complete, considering his background as a cup-bearer, one who is an exile from another land. His knowledge goes beyond mind level, he was able to touch the heart of his readers.

Leadership, though it requires a lot of skills, especially good strategies, it requires the heart. Everyone desiring to lead should lead with the heart. walking one's talk is not the most required part of being a leader, rather its possessing the right kind of heart to weight things as God would want them to be.

Jesus, when He was still on earth said that He doesn't judge, because His Father sent Him not to condemn the world but to save it. This gives us an understanding as to why Jesus spent most of His time with the lowly. He is not bothered by the whispers which states that 'if He is a prophet He should have known that that woman is a sinner.'  

Jesus wasn't move at all with what others are saying about what he is doing. For 20 years I have seen how people wanted to please people. I, myself have been a victim of this so called please everybody syndrome, that is when somebody said something against you, you should change. When someone offers an unsolicited advise, you should consider it as truth therefore live with it.

Our philosophy became human centered. We started adoring people like us, so we could gain their respect which we so desire to be returned with the same. The Bible's example of leadership is against what the world is teaching. It is very rare to hear a leader claiming to be servant of all. Jesus, The Son of God, declares that anyone who would like be great among you should be servant of all. He said that it is a qualification no should dispute.       

Future missionaries should bear in mind that being a servant is the very reason of the call. One should not claim to have and know it all thus requiring respect which would mean obedience from all command. I mean, missionaries present Christs' it should be as if He is ever present, like He was before, by performing what He did. He obeyed The Farther even unto death. 
On our last day of our session we washed each others feet just like what Jesus did with His disciples. We were taught to be humble here. As we prepared and perform the act, we were so convicted of our pride, that we cant help but shed tears of sorrow for our blindness, leaving a humble heart to obey the King.

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