Monday, May 30, 2011

Jesus wept

Boys dont cry, this is the line from a famous song and sayings at the same time, but are boys really not allowed to cry? It has been a great reproach to any boy in our class of 1987 when someone heard or known that a boy cried. It will be the talked of the class and with your newscasters classmates help it will be talk of the school. This is why I really have a hard time crying even when the situation asks of it.

We discussed that our learnings are the primary motivation for our personality. We are somehow molded by the environment where we belong. Our teacher reminded us of the past though she doesn't have a personal knowledge about it, she was able to somehow enlighten us as to why we do what we do. Her example of Jesus' tears somehow calls for ones emotion to surface at the proper time and place.

You need not hide your fear or doubt, even sorrows, when you need to cry, be not afraid for even Jesus wept.

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