Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip to India

No, its not me who had been to India. My teacher who told this story is the one who was able to experience India's pureness.

From Bombay they were scheduled to have a meeting to a place that's an hour and a half journey. They rode a taxi which his Indian companion asked to picked them up after four hours. 

Their meeting ended at a much earlier time than what they have thought. His companion calls for a taxi with our teacher looking, he draws near to a security guard and handed some money.

Our puzzled teacher cannot contain his curiosity and asked his friend about the incident.

"I have asked for the taxi that brought us here to return, and because we cannot stay for long I handed some money for him with the security guard" he said. "Do you know the security guard?" our teacher asked. "No" the Indian replied. "How about the taxi driver?" his follow up question. "No", "And you trust the security guard to hand the money to the taxi driver?" a very logical question, "Yes" "What gave you an assurance that he will do it?" "Because I told him to give it to the driver, you see the distance we traveled is not short, and the driver would spend for the gas."

Amazed? I am. And I pray the same thing would happen in our country.

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